Blackysgate Icontheme

Real Time

Source is for fast download and compile local... Requires : tar, gz and convert(imagemagick)
But, dont forget !! you need 300MB free Diskspace to compile this pack local !
KDE4.4up Source : (57 MB)

KDE4.4up Icontheme : (162 MB)

KDE4.4up _scalable : (47,3 MB)

extrackt, go into the Folder and let run the Script ...and wait...
It need so 5-10 minutes with a 1,8 Ghz Prozessor
(my self one is a AtlonXP 2500 with 1,8 Ghz)
(2015.02 my self one is now a Atlon FX 4100 Quad with 3,6 Ghz - 32 Gig Ram - 2x1tb Hdd - WinNT & OpenMandriva)